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29 February 2008 @ 05:38 pm
Poetry (folio)  

Quick note: changes between teachers hardcopy and livejournal, the last line of the first poem is now hou'ors rather then hours, which I feel makes my intentions more translucent as well as more appropriately fits the form. I retracted "the same" in ink inc to one stanza to further the three line theme.

 Hi, you
Somnambulant stray
Stalking these nefarious
 Nocturnal hou'ors
White Noise
White, the color of pure driven snow
White - shade of baby's breath
White, the beacon for ships in the night
In science the colors
 collectively coalesce to
 create what we see as White
White is the color of most any
 pharmaceutical ground to a pulp
 for insufflations .
White is the occidental symbol of life,
White is the oriental symbol of death.
  Ink Inc.

 Synapsis to synapses
Chemical screens -
 Sentient in-betweens
Nucleic Memories

 Evolution dreams!

Fractal fate -
   every daze is all
 the same.

Fine folds,
  all it holds
       is a heart
    that's too big.
Cityscape at eyelevel
Sidewalks bare the burden
September leaves scatter, the city
  is an alcove.
Christmas (Bazaar)
The only thing I ever won,
 was a sterling silver tea set
 at the saint rose bazaar.
How perfectly those serving saucers
 framed my face, fetched
 from raffle for my mother.
They were sold at yard sale
 on eve of foreclosure
who'd bought them, no idea.
Born and baptized, gifted to no avail -
                     To come and go,
As if god had ever known.
Hey Cassandra

Of Lampshades and lighthouses
 that wander vermillion  skys,  that
  Dash and Bash the brains
of any quiet passer-by.

  Local Stars careen across a canvas
              empty paper casket

Inverted living rooms in kind
 benign sympathies resigned,
 what weight was ungifted,
Sisyphus dismissed it.  - And died

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